Different types of brickwork in England through the ages.

Throughout English history, the types of brickwork have evolved enormously. Since the late 14th century, brickwork has changed in accordance with fashion, technology and the materials available at the time. The use of brick in construction… Read More

What Can We Learn from These World Famous Architects?

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Lime Render - What Does it Do and How Does it Work?

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Modern brickwork - Auditorium Theatre of Llinars del Valles

The most iconic examples of brickwork tend to be very traditional, such as Flemish Bond brickwork or Gothic Revival Architecture. However, Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Álvaro Siza, proves that brickwork doesn’t have to remain traditional. Siza… Read More

3 Reasons to Build with Flint - a guide to knapping flint

Flint is a building material that has been used since the late Roman times, especially in the South and South-East of England where other building materials were unavailable; it was extremely difficult to transport limestone… Read More

Grundtvig's Church - an Amazing Example of Brickwork

So far in Ernest Barnes’ blog posts, we’ve looked at Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence and Keble College in Oxford, for a range of incredible architectural and brickwork examples. This month will feature Grundtvig’s Church, located… Read More

Why do Listed Buildings need Specialist Builders?

Certain construction, repair and maintenance jobs require a very different approach to standard buildings. For instance, you’ll need very specialist builders for listed buildings. Oxfordshire and other areas of architectural significance often require this kind… Read More

Historic Brickwork in Oxfordshire: Keble College

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What Do Historic Building Condition Surveys Consist Of?

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The Philosophy Behind Our Traditional Brickwork Oxfordshire

Maintaining traditional brickwork is essential to its survival, as many common problems stem directly from the mismanagement of quick fixes or the removal of too much original material. The main philosophy behind traditional brickwork repair… Read More