What Can We Learn from These World Famous Architects?

It goes without saying that world famous architects have shaped architecture as we know it. To celebrate some of the most influential world famous architects, let’s take a look at what we can learn from them today.

Frank Gehry

Often, to make a mark in an industry is to disrupt its conventions. This Canadian born architect did just that, through his whimsical design, distinctive structures and free-form sculptures. Gehry became known for working against the Modernist style. Instead, he searched for ways to put his own personal stamp on structures. This is a timeless approach to architecture that can inspire us all to look for new methods and approaches.

Antoni Gaudi

Gaudi is a Spanish architect who is highly influenced by nature. Like Gehry, he is renowned for his free-form sculptures that mirror nature in an organic and exciting fashion. In the 1900s he defied convention and developed a new type of structure called “equilibrated”. These structures are able to stand on their own without external buttressing or internal bracing. It is easy to get lost in modern technology and forget that nature is the premise upon which everything is based. But Gaudi did not.

Frank Lloyd Wright

This prolific American architect designed over 1,000 structures throughout his career and is perhaps one of the most renowned world famous architects. He is known for his organic architecture and his distinct American style. The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation preserves his legacy, educates and celebrates Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas. This man, who spent 7 years creating the earthquake-proof Imperial Hotel, is a true example of revolutionary architecture.

Zaha Hadid

In 2004, Zaha Hadid was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, inspiring female architects across the world that they too can become world famous architects. She is renowned for her theoretical and academic work, as well as her built architecture. Hadid has expanded ideas of what can be done with materials like glass and steel, and her work captures fluidity, inventiveness and a unique connectivity.

Norman Foster

Known for his sleek and stylish structures, Foster is a prolific architect born in Manchester. After contributing to iconic buildings such as New York’s Hearst Tower and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation headquarters, Foster went on to found Fosters and Partners, becoming a global manager. As well as being one of the most world famous architects, Foster has created something much larger than himself through his hard work and entrepreneurship.