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What Do Historic Building Condition Surveys Consist Of?

Are you thinking about requesting a Condition Survey? Oxfordshire buildings notoriously require Historic Building Condition Surveys and they are useful for many reasons: evaluating the condition of a building before purchasing, learning more about a… Read More

The Philosophy Behind Our Traditional Brickwork Oxfordshire

Maintaining traditional brickwork is essential to its survival, as many common problems stem directly from the mismanagement of quick fixes or the removal of too much original material. The main philosophy behind traditional brickwork repair… Read More

The Most Common Type of Brick Repair Oxfordshire Buildings Require

In one of our earlier blog posts, we looked at some famous examples of listed buildings in Oxfordshire. All buildings, whether listed or not, require some special types of brick repair from time to time.… Read More

7 facts about oak timber framing you didn’t know

Oak timber framing – many of you are perhaps wondering exactly what it is and why it is still relevant to building and architecture today. Oak framed buildings probably remind you of an older style… Read More